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Website Audit

What exactly do we do when we audit your site?...

Before making any changes to a website, before suggesting any new features or additions to improve the website. First you must deeply analyse the website to find out what elements of the site are successful and then what aspects of the site are doing badly, this is the essence of a website audit. At this stage, it is decided how to improve a website so it matches the vision and ambition of the owner.

There are literally millions of websites that have brilliant content and offer seriously huge amounts of value to their audience. However if your website is not fully search engine optimised you will not be able to reach many people, especially when there are SEO savvy webmasters out there who are full versed in SEO.

A simple website audit will be able to find every single SEO unfriendly aspect of your site, this will then allow you to either correct these elements yourself or hire someone else to do it for you. At SEO Expert our website audit service is extremely thorough and every part of your website will be analysed, from the header to the footer, from the content to the site navigation.

At SEO Expert we understand that many website owners do not want to worry or care about the SEO side of their business, why get bogged down in all that technical jargon, when you can fully concentrate in improving the content of your website. This is why we offer a website auditing service, we want you to be able to care about the customer side of your business, whilst we will mark parts of your site to improve SEO wise with a website audit.

Another great aspect of performing a website audit on your site, is that you can fully understand what parts of your site are not SEO effective and also why they are not effective. Instead of jumping head first into a website overhaul, you can first see what actually needs to be rectified. You will also be able to prioritise aspects of your website that need improving, you can remedy the biggest SEO problems first, a website audit will give you all this information and more.

Why choose our website audit service though? Well it is simple, we offer an extensive and thorough service, we take great care and attention in every part of your site. Unlike other SEO companies, we will not just look at the major aspects of your site, we will also look at smallest aspects. The smallest aspects are always the most important and play a large role in SEO in an extremely competitive market or niche.

At SEO Expert we offer the best website audit service available anywhere online, if you want your website to receive in-depth and easy to understand SEO analysis, then you should use our service. We will clearly and concisely point out every area of your website that could and should be improved, this will allow you to take the next steps towards optimizing your site.