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Search Engine Optimisation is a massive part of online business and it allows businesses, no matter how new or old they are, to reach customers without spending huge amounts of money or resources. As the nature of SEO is complicated, it can incredibly hard for businessmen who have worked offline their whole careers to suddenly learn such an advanced subject and apply their knowledge effectively.

Fortunately there are brilliant SEO companies, like SEO Expert, who can provide the answers and solutions so you can be as successful as possible online. At SEO Expert we offer a SEO Consultancy service, this allows you to tell us what you want from your website SEO wise and we proceed by drawing up a plan and guidelines of how we will make your vision a reality.

At this stage nothing is done in regards to SEO, it is merely discussed and then planned, meaning you can clearly and thoroughly decide what exactly you want done. You'll be able to find out, through our expertise, if certain things you want are worthwhile for your business or website. And on the flip side, you will be able to see if certain aspects of your website are harmful to SEO or if future plans for your website could have a negative effect on your site's search engine friendliness.

Unlike a lot of firms who offer SEO Consultancy we tailor each consultancy session towards the client we are working with, looking to see exactly what is best for them. Meaning we do not suggest the most expensive SEO packages we have just to make money, instead we offer the best packages for that specific client, we suggest packages based on their unique circumstance, we never try to deceive clients into handing over inflated sums of money.

During the SEO Consultancy sessions that we run with clients, we take them through every stage step by step, so they can see why we suggest things and what results will be derived from these steps, this allows the client to be on top of the discussions and know exactly what we are talking about. Many SEO companies will bog down a client in mumbo jumbo and jargon, we never do that, when we use technical or uncommon terms, we explain them first, but we are never patronising or condescending.

At SEO Expert we believe the most important thing about a SEO Consultancy service is make sure the client is on the same page, as a client you don't want to spend money on SEO and not know how the money is being spent or why it is being spent. At SEO Expert, we make sure that the clients knows what the steps are being taken at every stage throughout the whole of the SEO project.

We offer an expert SEO Consultancy service and we do this by having the best trained and most experienced SEOs in the field. We are constantly improving our staff so they are on the cutting edge of SEO, if you want to receive a SEO Consultancy for your website from a highly trained professional, then SEO Expert is the only place you need to look.