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PPC (Paid Search)

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PPC simply means Pay Per Click, it is often referred to as Paid search, as opposed to Organic Search. This is where you pay to advertise in search engines for a keyword, when someone searches the keyword, your advert will appear on the first page in the sponsored listings section of the web page. When someone clicks on your advert, they will be taken directly to your website, but you pay for every click.

The cost of each click depends on the keyword, the amount of people advertising for that keyword plus numerous other factors. Obviously the most clear detractor of Pay Per Click is the fact you have to pay for every single click, these clicks obviously add up and it can be very expensive.

Whilst PPC may appear expensive, it is still an extremely effective way of advertising, firstly it is an extremely fast way of advertising, all you have to do is create adverts and after they have been accepted by a search engine's advertising network, you will instantly start to bring in traffic. It is a brilliant way to bring in traffic for a website that has only just been created and will take a while to start generating organic traffic.

Pay Per Click advertising is also extremely targeted advertising, unlike search engine optimisation where you will receive hundreds of visits from people searching with random keywords, with PPC you will only ever receive traffic that has come specifically from the keyword or keywords that you are advertising for. This means you only pay for keywords that you want, you never get traffic from people searching with 'junk' keywords.

In the short term PPC is a brilliant way to generate traffic, as you can immediately start seeing visitors coming to your site. However search engine optimisation is a better mid to long term strategy, the effects are not always immediate but they are much longer lasting, you get a lot more traffic for your money compared to Pay Per Click advertising.

Obviously neither advertising method is right or wrong, many online marketers have made livings from PPC, whilst others have made a living from search engine optimisation. The best route to go down, if you can afford it, is to use both. Optimise your website so you will receive organic traffic, whilst also using PPC to get those highly targeted visitors, for keywords that are too hard to rank for in the search engines.

At SEO Expert we offer a brilliant Pay Per Click service, where we will find the very best keywords for your site, the keywords will bring in a lot of traffic but will not cost a lot of money per click. We try to find those keywords that go under competitors radars, as they will normally go for the expensive, obvious keywords.

Our PPC service is of extremely high value for money, you will see huge amounts of traffic to your site immediately, and unlike other services the cost per click is at an acceptable rate, which means you will be able to make a profit from these visitors and not make a loss.