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Information Gathering

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Information gathering is the process in which you gain information on a competitor or a market, it can be extremely broad research or narrow research, it all depends on personal preference and the purpose of information gathering.

Information gathering is the core foundation of any online campaign looking to gain new traffic for a website, if you get this stage wrong or not completely right, then everything else that follows the information gathering process is completely flawed and mostly useless.

In terms of Search Engine Optimisation, this is the stage where either a competitor or market area is analysed. Finding out which gaps there are, that are both low in competition and lucrative. This is a fairly easy task for large SEO companies, as they have huge experience in this field but for small businesses and individuals this is extremely difficult.

At SEO Expert we perform in-depth information gathering to make sure that everything, that is possible, is done to make sure you only target keywords that are attainable either in the short term or the long term, and also to make sure you don't try to outrank competitors that you have no chance of budging.

A lot of large SEO companies offer this service and they will use standard information gathering tools that most people can easily acquire themselves, this means there is no value for money for the customer. At SEO Expert we offer this service and not only use standards tools, we use a lot of custom made tools that have been specially created to perform the most effective information gathering.

When we perform information gathering at SEO Expert, we go through the most intense and thorough processes. We look at aspects and elements of markets and competitors, that other companies simply do not know exist or do not pay any attention to. This means our information gathering service is the most effective currently available on the market.

Whilst most large SEO companies offer this vital service, they normally charge over inflated and ridiculous prices for a job that is, in essence, quite simple. At SEO Expert we offer an immaculate service at an incredible price, even more so considering the brilliant results we provide.

So when you are looking at companies to perform information gathering for your business, do not look any further than us, why? The answer is that we offer a fantastic service, we will be able to uncover hidden gems in markets that will be extremely lucrative for you, things that your competitors won't be able to spot.

As stated previously at SEO Expert, we use cutting edge custom tools that allow us to spot things that competitors cannot, not only do we offer a more complete service, we offer a service that no other company offers, simply because they can't.

Using our information gathering service you will be massively increase the amount of organic traffic visiting your site, as we will uncover low competition keywords that you can use to bring in vast amounts of new visitors. Each new visitor you gain will be another step in huge profits for you, for such a simple step, it can yield huge results.