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Establish Goals

We help set the goals for your SEO marketing campaign..

With any campaign or project, is is extremely helpful to establish goals and targets, this cannot be more true with SEO projects. Many of our clients would be more than happy in admitting they are not SEO experts, and that setting goals and targets is a great way to stay up with progress and overlook the success of the project, without actually having to look at all the intricate details.

When establishing goals and targets, it is all done with the clients present, so they can have their input as well, this means that all goals and targets that are set are amicable and realistic. Some SEO companies set extremely easy goals so it creates an artificial sense of success and it makes their clients think they're doing a good job, when in reality they are not.

At SEO Expert, we never do this and will never do this, we believe in and practise absolute honesty, we pride ourselves on setting goals and targets that whilst realistic to reach, are still hard and means we push ourselves.

When Establishing Goals And Targets, we set milestones that are visible and you can actually see the effects of, for instance we might set a target of doubling the traffic to your website within any given space of time or we might set the target of increasing the rank of your website's main keyword to a certain place, again in any given amount of time.

We only look to set goals and targets that actually mean something, we never set irrelevant or nonsensical targets to make seem like we are making progress on your SEO project. We only ever look to set milestones that when reached will dramatically improve your site's audience reach.

Our Establish Goals And Targets Service is extremely flexible and can be suited to any website, no matter how large or small, wide or narrow in market. Goal setting doesn't start and end at the beginning of the SEO project, we change them throughout according to whether previous targets have been reached and according to what our clients want, which is always the most important factor for us.

Unlike many SEO companies, at SEO Expert we rightfully allow our clients a large proportion of say in target setting meetings, we do not tell them what is going to happen and expect them to agree. We suggest certain goals and targets, then we twist and change those targets according to their preferences, we only ever set goals that we and the client are happy with.

Establishing targets and goals is one of the most important aspects of any SEO campaign, as it allows you to clearly see the amount of progress that has taken place. Many SEO companies do not offer this service as they do not like to be put under scrutiny as they offer sub-standard service, at SEO Expert we pride ourselves on offering such an in-depth service of this kind. We never worry about difficult goals or targets, because we have both the resources and know how to complete them.