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Email Marketing

The importance of e-mail marketing..

Many webmasters spend huge amounts of money and time on gaining visitors for their websites, whether it is done through Search Engine Optimisation or Pay Per Click, but once a visitor has left your site, even if they have done exactly what you wanted them to do, it is extremely likely they will never return to your site and that customer is lost forever.

However there is a simple and effective solution, that not only allows you to keep hold of those customers after they have left, but also allows you to sell to them again and again. This is of course called email marketing and it is by far the best method for keeping hold of customers, at SEO Expert we offer this service and once you start using it you will regret not using it sooner.

What exactly is email marketing though? Well when a person enters your site, you tell them they can opt-in to an email list and receive emails from you regularly, to sweeten the deal you could even offer something free related to your niche, that will both benefit them and it will also drastically increase your opt-in rate.

Once they have opted into your email list, you will be able to send them, plus anyone else who has subscribed to the list, emails regarding your niche. Normally in email marketing, people will send their mailing list a few informative and helpful emails, then every so often they will advertise something to them.

It could be a product or service, and they will earn money for every person who buys what they advertised, or they could just send them a link back to their website, which is brilliant way to get lots of traffic in a short amount of time without having to spend huge amounts of money.

The great things about email marketing is that whenever you advertise something to your list, they will already trust you and have a relationship with you, as you've offered them valuable content in previous emails. By selling to a warm or hot customer, it is very easy to make sales and make money.

Also unlike most customers who visit your site once and never return, you can sell to your list members time and time again, instead of a customer visiting your site and buying one item, they could opt into your list and, in the long run, end up buying hundreds of items through you.

At SEO Expert we offer an email marketing service, we will set up the opt-in forms and boxes that will capture customers from your website, we use specially designed templates that have proven time and time again to have the highest conversion rate when it comes to capturing customers.

We will also take care of writing emails that you will send to your list, our staff will be able to write high valuable content that will both inform and entertain your readers, whilst also build a relationship with them so they trust you. Our writers are also brilliant at writing those emails where you advertise something, they know all the best techniques to make your sales conversion rate as high as possible.