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E-Marketing Audit

Understand the benefits of E-Marketing...

A lot of website owners take visitors for granted, because whilst many will visit your site and instantly fall in love with it, many others will soon forget about it and you have forever lost a visitor that you spent time and energy trying to get in the first place. This is a real shame because most sites pour a lot of money into gaining web traffic but they do nothing to keep those customers coming back.

There is however a way to keep hold of customers for the long term, the method used in e-marketing is by sending out a regular newsletter, however first the customer or client must subscribe to the newsletter.

This is a lot more suitable for some sites compared with other sites, since in some markets there will be a lot of new information constantly flowing in to create newsletters with, however in some markets there isn't a influx of new information, making it difficult to create monthly or weekly newsletters.

At SEO Expert we offer a E-Marketing Audit service, whereby we will analyse your website, business model and customer base to decide whether or not creating a newsletter would be a good idea. For a lot website owners, the basic instinct is to automatically think it's a great idea, as you are keeping hold of customers and clients, whilst providing a helpful service.

However in some markets and business areas, your audience may respond to your newsletter with disinterest, this would mean that the time spent creating the newsletter would have been a waste. Also sometimes a newsletter can alienate customers who are more than happy with your service, but they don't like being bothered with a monthly or weekly email newsletter.

This is why it is important to first perform an E-Marketing Audit, to firstly make sure you are not going to waste your resources or annoy your customer base. Many companies offer this service, but at SEO Expert we offer an unrivalled and superior E-Marketing Audit service, that offers greater insight and answers when compared to rival services.

We take a greater and wide variety of aspects into account, this enables you to come to the most well informed and accurate answers regarding whether or not you should perform E-Marketing on your website.

By using our E-Marketing Audit service, you will be able to get a definite answer as to whether your website would benefit from E-Marketing, we will be able to show you clearly how you can improve your interaction with your customer base. By simply improving the relationship with your audience, you can start to bridge the personal gap that new technology has created for modern online businesses.

At SEO Expert we will research your individual business and the business area you work in, we will also take into consideration other factors. By the end of the E-Marketing Audit service, you know if your customer base is suitable for such marketing methods. If they are, we will also provide information on the best ways to pursue E-Marketing in relation to your customer base.