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Define Strategy

We set a clear strategy for your marketing campaign..

Defining a strategy is very similar to setting goals and targets, but defining strategy takes a more in-depth look into how we are able to achieve goals and milestones. At this stage, we will explain in-depth to our clients how we are able to achieve their SEO aims, we will suggest to them certain SEO strategies and we will tweak them to suit their situation specifically.

The purpose of defining the strategy is so that the client knows exactly what is going, to the very detail. They will then be able to agree or disagree with any aspects, which is encouraged as we always want the customer to get exactly what they want. Clearly defining a strategy also means that a customer can double check with what has happened, against what was said was going to happen, this means they will know if something has been missed out.

Most importantly, a client will know exactly where their money is going, they will know they are not being ripped off, as everything will clearly be stated and if the costs do not add up or look peculiar, they can check the strategy and correct any mistakes.

Defining a strategy is extremely important for us at SEO Expert, as we want our clients to be secure in the knowledge that they know what is happening. But it is also vital in our process, whilst it is brilliant that our clients know exactly what is going, it also means that as a company we can execute every step effectively as we have a well thought out and planned strategy to follow.

Also at this stage of the SEO project, any unforeseen mistakes can be eradicated, as casual conversations about a project aren't thorough enough, but actually sitting down and writing down every single step plus ideas for certain stages, means everything can be assessed before action commences. Any SEO project simply wouldn't be as efficient, effective or cost friendly, without the high level of planning and work that goes into it before it actually properly starts.

At SEO Expert we offer one of the very best Define Strategy services, we tell clients exactly how we plan to proceed with their website's SEO project, we explain everything in-depth, so they are never left in the dark, and we never use unnecessary jargon that is confusing and needless, we always look to tackle ideas and plans directly.

We also work with 100% flexibility, if we suggest an idea for a client's website that they do not like and do not want, then we will not include it as the strategy stage is about input from both parties, not just from our side. We understand the importance of clients having as much control over the SEO project as we do, therefore we never decide anything on their behalf, everything is mutually and amicably decided.

Not every SEO company offers this service, mainly because they don't want their clients knowing how they spend their money, at SEO Expert we follow a policy of full disclosure and therefore relish offering services like this, which both inform and enlighten our clientèle.